Spring 2020 – Edition 6

Editor in Chief: Mario Colella ’20

Featured authors: Hope Parker, Hao Chen, Jennifer Conrad, Qiang Wu, Hongyi Lin

Spring 2019 – Edition 5

Editor in Chief: Naomi Garcia ’19
Executive Editor: Rona Vaselaar ’19

Featured authors: Sam Boone, Dominic Chiu, Kevin Garrahan, Brian Hart, Michael Sutherland, Anna Woods, Shangsi Zhou

Spring 2018 – Edition 4

Editor in Chief: Kyle Schut ’18
Executive Editor: Clarise Brown ’18

Featured authors: Hao Zhang, Christian Flores, Shan Wu, John Walsh, Rachel Xian, Daniel Rice

Spring 2017 – Edition 3

Editor in Chief: Kaj Malden ’17
Executive Editor: Adam Lee

Featured authors: Ned Collins-Chase, Amanda Van Gilder, Miaosu Li, Benjamin Pollok, Minh Joo Yi

Spring 2016 – Edition 2

Editor in Chief: Natalie Lynch ’16

Featured authors: Benjamin Pollok, Cheng Zhang, Adrienne Dalton, Jakob Bund,
Patrick Lozada, David Rubin, Peter C.Y. Kim, Shuxian Luo, Winston Kung

Spring 2015 – Edition 1

Editor in Chief: Kendrick Kuo ’15
Managing Editor: Emily Walz ’15

Featured authors: Tremayne Gibson, Ilaria Mazzocco, Bo Li

The Archive contains the origins of the China Studies Review. These working papers were the foundation of our print journal, which gave rise to the online platform for CSR.

Working Papers