Current Staff

Our team of print and online editors come from different backgrounds and experiences, but our passions about China have brought us together. During this unprecedented time, we are located in 6 timezones across 3 continents, all dedicated to bringing forth the top graduate perspectives on issues surrounding China today!

Ao (Ava) Shen

Editor in Chief

Ava is a first-year MA student at SAIS, concentrating in China Studies. Born and raised in Zhengzhou, China, she has been studying in the US for over seven years. Her research interests include cross-strait relations and US-China relations. Previously, she received her B.A from Boston University, majoring in International Relations and in French Studies. She has interned at the General Consulate of France in Boston, and is currently interning at Center for Advanced China Research. She likes traveling, painting, and playing tennis. During the time of quarantine, she enjoys reading and cooking.

Ava can be reached at

Dmitry Bergoltsev

Print Editor

Dmitry is a Washington D.C. native with a global upbringing. His interest in international affairs stems from his multinational background and experiences living and studying in Russia, China, and the United States. Dmitry has previously worked for multilateral organizations and think tanks based in Moscow, Russia, conducting research on China’s Belt and Road Initiative and interpreting for foreign delegations in international summits. Prior to attending Johns Hopkins SAIS, Dmitry worked as an intern for Hai’er Group Corporation, a leading Chinese multinational consumer electronics company headquartered in Qingdao, China. Dmitry currently is interning with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration where he focuses his work on China-centric trade and technology issues at ITA’s Office of China & Mongolia. Dmitry’s multicultural background, working and studying abroad experiences, and excellent language abilities cultivates his ability to work on a wide range of U.S.-China related challenges.

Dmitry can be reached at

Austin Frenes

Print Editor

Austin Frenes is a first year student in the Master of Arts in International Studies program at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. He is concentrating in International Politics and China Studies. A 2019 graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Fuling, Chongqing in the People’s Republic of China from 2019 to 2020. In his free time, he enjoys going on long runs, cooking experimental fusion food, and answering questions on the Chinese equivalent of Quora, Zhihu. Austin hopes that scholarship and exchange between the US and China will help reduce misunderstanding between the two countries and promote future peace.

Austin can be reached at

Aidan Li Ping Greer

Print Editor

Aidan is a second-year HNC Certificate/SAIS MA student, concentrating in Strategic Studies and minoring in China Studies. His research interests include East Asia, particularly US, China, and Taiwan relations, and maritime strategies and issues. He interned at a small political economy consulting firm this past summer, compiling profiles of potential future Politburo members. Previously, Aidan studied Mandarin for a year at ICLP in Taipei. He studied Chinese, English, and Biology at Swarthmore College. He enjoys sports, reading, and trying to keep his puppy from eating everything he finds.

Aidan can be reached at

Chenxu (Spencer) Liu

Print Editor

Spencer is from Tianjin, a city close to Beijing in the northern part of China. She graduated from Nanjing University in June 2020 majoring in English. Currently, she is a Master’s student at the JHU-NJU Center, concentrating in international politics. Spencer also reads, swims, and travels. She is interested in international politics, especially China’s participation in global affairs. She is excited to become a print editor for the SAIS China Studies Review this year! During this pandemic time, there are so many things one cannot do, but she hopes that everyone will stay safe and positive until we can meet each other in person next time!

Spencer can be reached at

Olivia Negus

Print Editor

Olivia Negus is a second-year SAIS M.A. candidate concentrating in China Studies. Her research interests include international trade policy and U.S.-China economic relations. She has previously interned at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and CSIS, and she is currently interning at the International Trade Administration. Olivia earned her B.A. in Economics and Chinese Language from the University of Virginia, and prior to enrolling at SAIS she worked as a financial analyst. 

Olivia can be reached at

Elizabeth (Beth) Wootten

Print Editor

Elizabeth (Beth) Wootten is a first year SAIS M.A. candidate with a concentration in China Studies, and a dual-degree student at Tsinghua University. She earned her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and master’s degree in eastern classics from St. John’s College. Prior to SAIS, Beth taught English in Guangzhou.

Beth can be reached at

Daniel Anaforian

Online Editor

Daniel Anaforian is a first-year M.A. student at Johns Hopkins SAIS concentrating in China Studies. Originally from California, Daniel received dual bachelor’s degrees from Santa Clara University in Marketing and Political Science. His areas of research include cross-strait relations and Taiwanese politics. Beyond this, Daniel is also interested in the relationship between economic development and the promotion of democracy and the protection of human rights. In his spare time, Daniel loves to read, watch sports, and be a parent to his two cats and many houseplants.

Daniel can be reached at

Grace Faerber

Online Editor

A first-year student at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Grace is pursuing a Master of Arts in International Studies with a concentration in International Politics. At the HNC, the majority of Grace’s courses are instructed in Mandarin Chinese. She began learning Mandarin at the young age of 11 and graduated as the Outstanding Senior from the University of Arizona in Spring 2020 with majors in East Asian Studies and Global Studies, focusing on Chinese language study and international affairs. During her time at U of A she worked as a Marketing Writer and Editor for the university’s recreation center, managing and editing various digital publications, blogs, and promotional materials. She also practices her design and writing skills in her student employee positions with HNC Admissions and Career Services.

Grace can be reached at

Jacob Larsen

Online Editor

Jacob is a first year M.A. student at SAIS and is concentrating in China Studies. His primary interests are U.S. relations with China as well as China’s relations with other nations. Besides these subjects, he is an enthusiastic follower of renewable energy, electrified transportation, and climate policy. Jacob plans on working to develop nuanced and effective U.S. policy towards China to achieve goals in national security, climate policy, and other areas. In his free time, Jacob enjoys playing strategy board games and reading science fiction.

Jacob can be reached at

Moe P. Phyu

Online Editor

Moe Pwint Phyu is a first-year HNC certificate/SAIS MA student from Yangon, Myanmar. Moe gained hands-on experience in copyediting and curating content through her Master’s degree in Global Business Journalism at Tsinghua University, Beijing where she spent two years. While studying, she also worked as an intern at two ENGOs, researching the environmental impact of Chinese overseas investment in developing countries. Moe earned her undergraduate degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Middlebury College in Vermont. She is disappointed in herself that she does not like the quintessential Beijing street food- jianbing

Moe can be reached at